Harry Aron

Harry Aron

Born 1923 Horst Bruno Aron

Mannheim, Germany

Immigrated to U.S.A. March 5, 1935

Private to Technician Fourth Grade, Army of the United States, 1943-1946

A.B. University of California, Berkeley, 1949

Social Case Worker, Contra Costa County, 1949-1950

M.A. University of Utah, 1952

Psychologist, Child Psychiatric Unit,

Sanford University Medical School, San Francisco, 1952-1955

Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1955

Licensed Psychologist, California, March 16, 1959, No. PSY899

Professor of Psychology Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento,1955

Married Paulus Aron, 1978

Honored in California Assembly Resolution 1415

August 26, 1994

Died November 18, 2001, Sacramento, California

Posthumous Memorial Resolution

by Senator Jack O'Connell

Adopted by the California State Senate May 18, 2002